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Carnation® Hydrocolloid Blistercare
Carnation<sup>®</sup> Hydrocolloid Blistercare

Features and Benefits

  • Specially formulated to maintain optimum healing environment
  • Clear discreet Hydrocolloid dressing promotes rapid skin recovery
  • Resolves blister naturally
  • Relieves friction
  • Cushions and softens
  • Washproof
  • Protects from dirt and bacteria
  • 4 Large dressings

Carnation is a registered trademark of Cuxson Gerrard & Co. Ltd.

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  • Stock Code: 6722
  • Consumer Purchase Unit: EACH
  • Pharmacy Purchase Unit: EACH
  • Wholesale Purchase Unit: CTN of 6
  • Product height (mm): 150
  • Product width (mm): 90
  • Product depth (mm): 3
  • Instructions:
    1. First wash feet with soap and water and dry thoroughly
    2. Remove dressing from backing sheet
    3. Apply dressing over blister and press gently to adhere


  • Warnings:

    People who have diabetes or circulatory disorders should seek professional advice before use.