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Thuasne Lombamum®
Thuasne Lombamum<sup>®</sup>
Thuasne Lombamum<sup>®</sup>

Features and Benefits

For low back pain during pregnancy; sacro-iliac pain during pregnancy; pelvic pain during pregnancy.
• Adjustable compression and additional straps for adapted support
• 2 sizes of abdominal support band so that the belt can be worn throughout pregnancy
• The abdominal section is lined with a fabric containing bamboo fibre for exceptional softness
• Centring tabs for a more ergonomic fit
• 2 hand loops to make the belt easier to put on

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  • Consumer Purchase Unit: EACH
  • Pharmacy Purchase Unit: EACH
  • Wholesale Purchase Unit: EACH
  • Product height (mm): 75
  • Product width (mm): 160
  • Product depth (mm): 260
  • RRP: $120
  • Instructions:

    Fitting Instructions

    • Identify the main belt with metal back stays, adjustable straps and discs, plus the two abdominal bands; note and handle correct way-up.
    • If your waist measurement is less than 106 cm, the abdominal support band is already in place on the belt.
    • If your waist is greater than 106 cm, remove the abdominal band already in place on the belt. Replace it with the larger abdominal band supplied with the product, attaching it to the same [dorsal] part of the belt using one of the two velcro tabs. The two labels should face the same way. The point of the ‘V’ on the middle of the band should point downwards.
    • The four metal back-stays may be conformed to the body shape before fitting or adjusting the belt. This can be achieved by placing the dorsal part of the belt against the back and manually bending the stays to shape.
    • Open one side of the belt – the point of the ‘V’ pointing downwards. Slip your hand in the hand-loop – this will help you position and adjust the belt. Place the dorsal part of the belt against your back. The lower edge of the belt should be at the top of the crease between the buttocks. Ensure the abdominal band sits under your tummy for support, not directly over the navel area.
    • Fasten the belt and adjust it so that the ‘V’ is vertically in line with the navel.
    • Check that the belt is properly centred over your spine. If not, adjust using the centring tabs located on the back. These must be positioned in the middle of each buttock. Tighten again if necessary.
    • Adjust the additional straps on the back of the belt to the level of tightness that suits you, so that you feel supported without constricting the tummy. The level of support provided by the belt will depend on your position and activity, and can be adjusted by pulling on the additional straps.
    • It is also possible to change the position of the discs located at the back. If they are positioned high, the top of your back will be supported. If they are positioned low, the lower part of your back will be supported.
    • In the case of sciatica, it is possible to provide more active support for the painful side by adjusting the additional strap located on the same side.Ensure the belt is fitted right side up and around. Do not over tighten in order to leave room for further adjustment. The belt can be worn under or over clothing. If you experience pain, discomfort or numbness see your medical practitioner.


    Washing Instructions

    • See product label
    • Fasten velcro tabs before washing
    • Do not use detergents, fabric softeners or aggressive products (products containing chlorine)
    • Squeeze out excess water
    • Dry away from heat sources
  • Warnings:

    Do not use for pelvic pain during first trimester of pregnancy; pre-existing lumbar and/or pelvic conditions prior to pregnancy; abdominal wall hernia, inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia; with colostomy or suprapubic bladder catheter; over Wounds or burns affecting the pelvic skin

  • Disclaimer:

    Always consult a healthcare professional in case of injury

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