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Thuasne Silistab® Genu
Thuasne Silistab<sup>®</sup> Genu

Features and Benefits

For osteoarthritis of the knee; patellar subluxation; patellar tendinitis (jumper's knee); patellofemoral syndrome (anterior knee pain)
• Elastic fabric (compression: ~ 20mmHg /27.1 hPa) providing good support and proprioception
• Patented Y-shaped silicon patellar insert to lower knee cap, give good lateral support and limit vibrations on the patellar tendon
• Flexible lateral stays
• Comfortable lining
• Opening at the back of the knee covered with cotton jersey fabric for comfort
• Silicon 'anti-slip zone' helps stop the brace sliding down

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  • Consumer Purchase Unit: EACH
  • Pharmacy Purchase Unit: EACH
  • Wholesale Purchase Unit: EACH
  • Product height (mm): 40
  • Product width (mm): 125
  • Product depth (mm): 350
  • RRP: $50
  • Instructions:

    Fitting Instructions

    • Slip on the knee brace.
    • Make sure the kneecap is correctly centred in the patellar insert.


    Washing Instructions

    • See product label
    • Fasten velcro tabs before washing

    • Do not use detergents, fabric softeners or aggressive products (products containing chlorine)

    • Squeeze out excess water

    • Dry away from heat sources

  • Warnings:

    Do not apply the product in direct contact with broken skin

  • Disclaimer:

    Always consult a healthcare professional in case of injury

  • Size Guide: