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Surgipack® Caustic Pencil 95% w/w
Surgipack<sup>®</sup> Caustic Pencil 95% w/w

Product Description

  • Use for the removal of common warts

Features and Benefits

Contains 427.5mg of Silver Nitrate and 22.5mg of Potassium Nitrate For the removal of common warts

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  • Stock Code: 6240
  • Consumer Purchase Unit: EACH
  • Pharmacy Purchase Unit: CTN of 5
  • Wholesale Purchase Unit: CTN of 5
  • Product height (mm): 75
  • Product width (mm): 78
  • Product depth (mm): 20
  • Product weight (gm): 8
  • Ingredients:
    • SILVER NITRATE 427.5mg
    • also contains POTASSIUM NITRATE 22.5mg AUST R 197054
  • Instructions:


    Please read full directions for use on leaftlet inside. Store below 25°C

    1. Apply with caution as a Caustic Pencil will burn skin and stain most surfaces.
    2. Protect skin around wart with petroleum jelly. Moisten tip of pencil in water - DO NOT lick! Wipe excess liquid using a tissue. Discard used tissue immediately.
    3. Apply moistened tip to wart GENTLY to ensure the tip does not break as CAUSTIC PENCILS ARE BRITTLE. Apply for 1-2 minutes only. Repeat if necessary after 24 hrs. Do not use more than 3 times.
    4. Allow the treated area to dry before contact with any other surface.
    5. Using a tissue, dry tip before replacing the cap.
    6. After 24hrs, the black surface of the treated skin should be filed away with a coarse nail buffer or fine emery board. Treated tissue will fall away. Never apply near the eyes or any other sensitive part of the body. Be gentle with the caustic pencil as it may break if dropped or knocked.
  • Warnings:
    • Use strictly as directed.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • For individual use.
    • Do not share.
  • Disclaimer:


    • Do not use if you are diabetic or have impaired circulation.
    • Do not use on infants or very young children without prior consultion with a healthcare professional.
    • This Caustic Pencil should only be used externally on common warts. It should NOT be used on moles, birthmarks or unusual skin growths.
    • Do not treat warts over large areas at one time.


    • If poisoning occurs, contact the Poisons Information Centre (Australia ph: 131126) or a doctor immediately.
    • If direct contact to the eyes is made, flush with water immediately for at least 15 minutes and consult a doctor.