Elastic Braces

Thuasne Malleoaction<sup>®</sup> 2361

Compressive elastic ankle support

Thuasne Ligastrap<sup>®</sup>  Malleo 2180

Ligament ankle brace with functional strapping

Thuasne Malleo Dynastab<sup>®</sup> Boa<sup>®</sup> 2351

Lace-up stabilising ankle brace with Boa® closure system

Thuasne Genuextrem<sup>®</sup> 2321

Elastic knee support with lateral reinforcements

Thuasne Silistab<sup>®</sup> Genu 2321

Knee brace with shock-absorbing patellar guide

Thuasne Genu Dynastab<sup>®</sup> 2321

Ligament knee brace with lateral hinged reinforcements

Thuasne Condylex<sup>®</sup> 7007

‘Tennis-elbow’ arm band

Thuasne Silistab<sup>®</sup> Epi 2305

Anti-epicondylitis bandage

Thuasne Ligaflex<sup>®</sup> Rhizo 7090

Static thumb splint

Thuasne Ligaflex<sup>®</sup> Manu 7090

Wrist and thumb immobilisation splint

Thuasne Ligaflex<sup>®</sup> Classic 2437

Open wrist immobilisation splint

Thuasne Lombaskin<sup>®</sup> 0871

‘Second skin’ effect compact lumbar support belt

Thuasne Lombacross Activity<sup>®</sup> 0836

Dynamic posture-correcting lumbar support belt

Thuasne Lombamum<sup>®</sup> 0805

Posture-correcting maternity belt