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Thuasne Ligaflex® Rhizo
Thuasne Ligaflex<sup>®</sup> Rhizo

Features and Benefits

For mild thumb sprain; thumb arthritis (daytime use).
• Patented wire frame to immobilise the thumb in an analgesic position
• Stay is located in the web area, and the thumb column area is open to prevent pressure on the painful zone (in the event of osteoarthritis of the thumb)
• Ultralight, comfortable and very short to maintain the wrist’s range of motion
• Breathable, antibacterial 3D knit fabric

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  • Stock Code: 7090
  • Consumer Purchase Unit: EACH
  • Pharmacy Purchase Unit: EACH
  • Wholesale Purchase Unit: EACH
  • Product height (mm): 40
  • Product width (mm): 120
  • Product depth (mm): 170
  • RRP: $30
  • Instructions:

    Fitting Instructions

    • Open the wrist strap
    • Slip the thumb into the splint
    • Adjust the wrist strap
    • Adjust the thumb strap


    Washing Instructions

    • See product label
    • Fasten velcro tabs before washing

    • Do not use detergents, fabric softeners or aggressive products (products containing chlorine)

    • Squeeze out excess water

    • Dry away from heat sources

  • Warnings:

    Do not apply the product in direct contact with broken skin

  • Disclaimer:

    Always consult a healthcare professional in case of injury

  • Size Guide:


  • Downloads: Thuasne Arm Leaflet