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Thuasne Ligastrap® Malleo
Thuasne Ligastrap<sup>®</sup>  Malleo

Features and Benefits

For mild lateral ligament sprains; chronic laxity; resumption of linear sports activities following a sprain.
• Elastic fabric (compression around 26mmHg / 34.7 hPa)
• Reinforcement of lateral ligaments through double crossover elastic strapping (preserving flexion-extension)
• Additional removable lateral reinforcement strap
• Can be worn inside a shoe without discomfort
• Anatomically-shaped with comfort zones over the malleoli (ankle bones)
• Patented pull tabs and partial opening over the calf to make the support easier to put on.

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  • Product height (mm): 40
  • Product width (mm): 120
  • Product depth (mm): 170
  • RRP: $50
  • Instructions:


    Fitting Instructions

    • Slip on the ankle brace using the 'pull tabs'.
    • Make sure the malleoli are correctly centred at the comfort zones.
    • Close the calf opening with the tab to obtain a snug fit.
    • Take one side of the strap attached under the foot and wrap it around the ankle, fixing it on the pad located at the base (figures 1 and 2).
    • Repeat this operation with the other side of the strap (figure 3): the ankle should be firmly supported laterally with unhindered flexion-extension.
    • If necessary the ankle support may be reinforced. To do this lay out the removable strap on the ground. Place the foot midway (figure 4).
    • Cross the medial side of the strap (on the inside of the foot) above the foot and fix the end of the strap on the pad at the top of the ankle brace (figure 5).
    • Repeat this operation with the other side of the strap ensuring the foot is pulled into a neutral or slightly everted (rolled outwards) position.
    • For comfort during wear make sure the straps are not creased.


    Washing Instructions

    • See product label
    • Fasten velcro tabs before washing

    • Do not use detergents, fabric softeners or aggressive products (products containing chlorine)

    • Squeeze out excess water

    • Dry away from heat sources

  • Warnings:

    Do not apply the product in direct contact with broken skin

  • Disclaimer:

    Always consult a healthcare professional in case of injury

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