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Surgipack Logo

Covering a broad range of ‘Home Healthcare Essentials’, Surgipack® is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted healthcare brands, recognised by consumers for quality and value.

Bodyplus Logo

The BodyPlus® sports medicine range has been designed with the assistance of health professionals for sports, rehabilitation or injury prevention.

Gelfex Logo

The Gelflex® range of sterile saline products may be used for rinsing eyes and contact lenses.

Thuasne logo

ThuasneTM is a European leader in healthcare products and services, with a long history and expertise in the production of medical textile products. Their number one priority is to help people suffering from musculoskeletal problems remain fully mobile and independent.

Carnation Logo

Carnation® has been taking care of feet for 85 years, and has a range of products providing a solution to almost any foot problem.